Leafy Sweet Potato Greens…

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Leafy Sweet Potato Greens… I was strolling along at one of my local farmer’s markets this past weekend and I came upon something I hadn’t seen before…sweet potato greens! I can honestly say, up until that day I had never seen or eaten sweet potato greens.  With that being said, I just had to find out what these greens tasted like and right away, so I pinched off a nice big leaf…..and…heck—tasted like baby spinach!  It is very much a delicate taste, slightly sweet, but not astringent or even slightly bitter!  I immediately grabbed a couple of bunches and I … Continue reading

Summer Recipe Extravaganza!

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This week’s post hosts 5 recipes…all signature offerings…all seasonal summer favorites.  I hope you enjoy them and they hold you over for the next 2 weeks.  I will be taking a few days off, but I will be back at the beginning of September with a new post and new recipes.  Don’t forget to follow “Refueling Your Fork in Sync with the Seasons” on Face Book in the meantime.  Enjoy, and blessings on your meal! Click to Download: Baked Feta and Cherry Tomatoes Provencal Baked Feta and Cherry Tomatoes Provencal Makes 6 servings By summertime, my taste for garden tomatoes … Continue reading

Honey—Humankind’s Oldest Sweetener

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Honey—Humankind’s Oldest Sweetener I think honey is nature’s most perfect raw food.  I am not talking about the jars of processed refined honey that is sold in supermarkets.  I am talking about raw honey—right-from-the-beehive honey.  My father always said “bees are the only ones who can make honey. Man has tried, and with great success many would say, to re-create just about everything…but honey? Only bees can make honey, so it must be very…very special”. I have never forgotten these words, and as it turns out, raw honey contains not just a few, but a treasure trove of health-producing properties! … Continue reading

Decorative Appetizers & Summer Soup Sorcery

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Decorative Appetizers and Summer Soup Sorcery                                There is nothing subtle about its seduction, as summer has it all.  When there are warming rays of the sun to absorb, endlessly cresting waves to ride, wild flowers to inhale, good books to read, beautifully ripened berries to gather and chubby peaches to pick, there is precious little time left to think about meals in a traditional and boring fashion.  Nonetheless meals consumed should have an intensity equal to the life lived.  So to me, nibbling and sipping at whim on seductive, selective and savory morsels has always been the ultimate way to … Continue reading

Did You Say “White Carrots”?

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Did You Say “White Carrots”? Generations and generations of people in the West have grown up believing carrots have always been orange.  Well… long before the orange carrot was first cultivated in the 16thcentury, white carrots were not only fed to livestock, but also consumed by humans.  Let’s begin with some quick “carrot history”… Carrots originated in present day Afghanistan about 5000 years ago, probably originally as a purple or yellow root.  Nature took the upper hand and produced natural hybrids and mutants, crossing wild and cultivated varieties—and it is likely the purple varieties were taken westward where it is … Continue reading

The Hostess with the Mostess…

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The Hostess with the Mostess… Be the most celebrated hostess in town and recreate some of the kitsch of the 1960’s in your own home with these retro recipes.  They are authentic and by including these dishes as part of your culinary repertoire, you can convey that deliciously indefinable sense of “time to spare” that characterized the retro years.  In season now…green beans, wax beans, snap beans and those delicious fat Italian green beans.  Green beans are my absolutely favorite vegetable.  I can munch on them raw or steamed with no adornment at all.  But the following recipe is just … Continue reading

Cherries…The Garnet Jewels of My Kitchen

Cherries…The Garnet Jewels of My Kitchen One of the charms of early summer, sweet, juicy cherries at the peak of perfection has pleased people for thousands of years. Sweet cherries are a delight to eat just as they are, while sour or tart cherries are used primarily for cooking and baking.  Sweet cherries simply do not hold up well when cooking for any extended period of time, losing much of their flavor, while sour cherries stay plump and juicy.  However, both sweet and sour cherries do well pureed for chilled summertime soups and they are also excellent served hot and … Continue reading

Of Grass and Grains — The Real Beef on Pastured Beef

Of Grass and Grains — The Real Beef on Pastured Beef Beef is so iconically “American” the steer might as well come in red, white and blue! In my opinion, beef is the most popular meat in this country. But please…let me digress for just a minute…The following bit of “advice” is over 50 years old—given to me by my grandmother… Hmmm, you think the ol’ gal was on to something? You make up your own mind… ”Beef cattle or steers should take their sweet time getting to weight and slaughter. Good beef should taste like earth, sun and grass. … Continue reading

Summer Sizzles…Ribs N’ Fins


Summer Sizzles…Ribs N’ Fins There is absolutely nothing subtle about its seduction, as summer has it all and almost too much: blue skies, long days, sultry nights and indeed all of the season’s sizzling passion to savor, there is little time to think of meals in a traditional, and dare I say it—boring and balanced fashion. Nibbling at whim on tempting morsels has always seemed to me the perfect way to breeze through the 4th of July holiday! So what I have for you today are two recipes born out of many summers of plenty here in the Lehigh Valley … Continue reading

Garlic Scapes—Fresh From The Garden

garlic scapes

Garlic Scapes—Fresh From The Garden Garlic scapes are the shoots that emerge from hard-necked varieties of garlic—normally in early to mid-June in Pennsylvania.  The stalks wind upward and form picturesque eccentric curlicues. The developing garlic bulbs need more direct energy, so growers snip off these shoots for a full garlic scape harvest in spring. Garlic scapes in full curl are tender and juicy with a snap of just picked asparagus and a garlicky taste milder than the eventual garlic cloves.  Often called just “scapes”, the curlicues can be stir-fried or added to tempura, or chopped up and tossed into scrambled … Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Box


“Thinking Outside the Box”…Beets and Radishes Spring invites us to connect with the land on which we live and recognize that eating locally and seasonally is healthy for us, the earth and the environment.  Welcome to “Refueling Your Fork in Sync with the Seasons”. Oh earthy red beets—how I love you! Beets are a superior root vegetable, of which I can’t say enough good things. High in vitamin C and betaine (good for cardiovascular health), beets are a dynamo when it comes to nutrition. And don’t forget those greens! Culinary possibilities include roasting or boiling the beet roots or juicing. … Continue reading

Sustainable Agriculture, Dirt and Mushrooms…

Mushrooms at the Easton PA Farmers' Market

Sustainable Agriculture, Dirt and Mushrooms… What is sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is concerned with the ways of farming that go on indefinitely, producing enough food that is safe and healthy for all of us.  It means caring for the broader ecological system:  caring for the soil, water supplies, air quality and wildlife, whose lives are tied to ours.  And, then there is the issue of money.  Sustainable agriculture is concerned with money, because if the system is not economically viable, it won’t last. …And a few words about dirt It seems too many CSA members tend to lose their revolutionary … Continue reading