I am a Bit of a Winter Squash Evangelist…

I am a Bit of a Winter Squash Evangelist!         I believe in the tasty power of squash, and I am particularly fond of hardy winter varieties.  Winter squashes make excellent puree; steam until tender and whizz to a cream in a blender or food processor; season with some delicious Himalayan pink salt, freshly cracked black pepper and crushed garlic—for a richer version, stew the squash in some vegetable broth and butter with finely chopped onion, garlic and grated ginger, and then puree.  And then there is soup…winter squashes make an excellent creamy soup and are just delicious sprinkled with freshly … Continue reading

“My Dutch Baby” – A Baked Apple Pancake

My “Dutch Baby” – A Baked Apple Pancake The first entry of 2014 features apples…and a pancake of sorts. There are many versions of this baked pancake—this is my signature offering. It is a nourishing dish perfect for this time of year, when the nights are long and the sun only seems to warm us up around the edges. A “Dutch Baby” is a pancake that is prepared in a sizzling hot skillet with some butter.  The sides puff up and over any variety of fillings, if any at all– in my case, tart Granny Smith apples take centerstage—creating a … Continue reading

December Dazzle…A Different Twist—Sweet Potato Quesadillas

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December Dazzle….A Recipe with a Different Twist The notion of cold-weather cooking as bleak and utilitarian has no place in the twinkling sugarplum fairyland of my December kitchen!  For me, decked halls and silver bells fuels my imagination, and I often find it hard to pay culinary homage to the late season’s harvest cornucopia— beautiful red and green cabbages, carrots, turnips, hardy greens such as kale,collards and tai soi, onions, rutabagas, plump heads of garlic, cranberries, apples, oranges……just to name a few!  So… today, in the midst of gift baskets, Christmas cookies, flamboyant entertaining and Champagne toasts, I  will honor … Continue reading

A Simple Holiday Dessert…

A Simple Holiday Dessert I am an incurable mistletoed romantic and I just love all the glitz and glitter of the Holiday season!  I know many of you are busy filling tins or freezers full of Christmas cookies, cakes and pies to share when the Holiday crunch comes at the end of the month.  I also know that many people simply do not possess the time nor the plumped pocketbook to sustain the tradition-laden, sumptuous number of “December-dazzled” desserts, so I wanted to share this simple recipe with those who want to bring lingering contentment to those who pop by … Continue reading

Thinking Thanksgiving…Inspirational Side Dishes

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Today I offer two recipes of uncomplicated comfort.   First, a colorful melange of roasted Fall veggies with the addition of shrimp, scallops and mussels. The technique of oven roasting places this recipe in the category of kitchen aromas to make you swoon!  And second I offer you a sweet finale to your Thanksgiving feast—my recipe for green tomato mincemeat.  May I suggest you make a green tomato mincemeat pie?  Baked in a double crust —serve slices of pie with a generous scoop of melting rum raisin ice cream…I can’t think of a better antidote to the blustery winds and … Continue reading

Pears Proffer the Most Innocent Sort of Seduction…

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Pears Proffer the Most Innocent Sort of Seduction… When the air takes on crispness, and the landscape turns from bright green to autumn golds and russets, my cravings for prime farm fruits and vegetables does not diminish, but rather is augmented by the influx of a new crop of hardier, season-end recipes.  After all it is November, and it’s time to trade up picnics and patio bashes for indoor cocktail and dinner parties. I love autumn—and I admit cooler weather fuels my “gastroromanticism” and spurs me into a frenzy of recipe trials and tribulations.  It is hard to pay enough … Continue reading

Farmhouse Treats—Rabbit and Venison Dishes

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There is a chill in the air now…and soon hunting season will begin.  I am not opposed to hunting or to farmers who choose to raise game animals.  Game is a priceless treat!  It’s richer in flavor, lower in fat and calories, higher in protein and minerals, and is free of chemicals commonly fed to factory-farmed domestic animals. The first recipe features rabbit.  When I was a child, nearly all of the farmers I knew raised rabbits.  It was common.  In fact, it was my responsibility on our farm to feed and care for our rabbits. My grandmother and mother … Continue reading

Borshch—The Quintessential Soup of Ukraine

Borshch:  The center of everything”…………..Ukrainian proverb Here is yet another recipe for borshch-–commonly known as “red beet soup” in this country.  It is the same recipe I did for a live cooking demonstration on October 13, 2013 at my beloved Emmaus Farmer’s Market in Emmaus, Pennsylvania (my home market).  Hope you enjoy it! Signature Offering by Annette O. Corona, author of “The New Ukrainian Cookbook”; contact her at:  www.annetteOcorona.com Click to Download: FARM STAND BORSHCH Farm Stand Borshch Makes 10-12 servings Borshch is the quintessential soup of Ukraine and is the principle dish on their daily menu. It originated in … Continue reading

Welcome to Freedom Farms…and Pumpkins: Vegetable & Dessert in One!

Welcome to Freedom Farms…and Pumpkins: Vegetable & Dessert in One In September, I had the pleasure of visiting Freedom Farms in Butler, Pennsylvania.  Perhaps you are not familiar—so let me provide some backstory.  Freedom Farms is operated by the King family.  Brothers Joe, Tim, and Pete, affectionately called the “Farm Kings”, and the rest of the King family plant and harvest over 200 acres of local farmland in the western part of Pennsylvania. Ten boys and one girl and mother Lisa King make up the King family and what a crew it is!  The family not only does all the … Continue reading

Combining Foods for Summer’s Grand Finale with Autumn’s Chilly Beginnings

The secret design of nature never ceases to fascinate as summer’s last fertile hurrah lingers…but just long enough to launch the initial kickoff to cooler-weather cooking with indelible and intense flavors! The air takes on the crispness of an orchard apple and I welcome it as it reinvigorates my artistic cooking juices parched dangerously dry by the heat and hedonism of a Pennsylvania summer. The first recipe is an uncomplicated yet alluring squash soup.  It pairs perfectly with the second recipe—- a beautiful stuffed roast chicken that will surely aromatize both kitchen and soul.    Let’s get right to it! … Continue reading

Hippocrene Books & Cooks—Five Cookbook Authors Trade Cuisines for a Day

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Hippocrene Books & Cooks—Five Cookbook Authors Trade Cuisines for a Day Let me begin by thanking my publisher, Hippocrene Books, and my editor Priti Gress, for including me in this wonderful blogger campaign.  Five Hippocrene cookbook writers who also have blogs were each assigned a cookbook other than their own to read and were asked to pick a recipe, prepare it, and then post about it—including photographs. I was assigned Nile Style by Amy Riolo.  Nile Style is the first cookbook devoted to the multi-ethnic and multi-religious history of the Egyptian table.  Now available in an expanded paperback edition, Nile … Continue reading

Preview—Hippocrene Books & Cooks—Five Cookbook Authors Trade Cuisines for a Day

Preview—Hippocrene Books & Cooks—Five Cookbook Authors Trade Cuisines for a Day–Preview My publisher, Hippocrene Books, is sponsoring a blogger campaign set to debut on Monday September 16, 2013.  Five of us cookbook authors who also have blogs were each assigned a cookbook other than our own to read and were asked to pick a recipe, prepare it, and then post about it—including photographs!  I was assigned Nile Style by Amy Riolo.  Since I know very little about Egyptian cuisine, I was thrilled and anxious to read Amy’s cookbook, and then prepare a dish or two.  Nile Style is the first cookbook … Continue reading