Have You Had Your Sweet Potato Today?

Have You Had Your Sweet Potato Today? It is the time of year to enjoy sweet potatoes—so give this veggie its proper place in your everyday diet.  Why?  For one thing, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of calcium, iron and thiamine.  They are also low in sodium and a good source of fiber.  With the skin, a sweet potato has more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal!  With endorsements like these, it is no wonder sweet potatoes are attracting our attention these days… Some Sweet Potato Math… 1 large sweet potato (baked) = 1 cup mashed 1 large sweet … Continue reading

Celebrating the Goodness of Sweet Bell Peppers

Celebrating the Goodness of Sweet Bell Peppers.. Originally from sub-tropical or tropical countries, bell peppers offer vibrant colors, intense flavors, and are full of succulent juices.  I am talking about small sweet bell peppers today and the best way to store the harvest for future use. Let’s talk sweet peppers… Sweet peppers are both useful raw, in salads, as part of a crudite tray, and as a garnish, and cooked, in stir-fries, casseroles and vegetable mixtures. Roasted peppers are excellent on sandwiches and in salads, or with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and black pepper, and … Continue reading

RECIPES TO BRIDGE THE SEASONS…new book now available!

Recipes to Bridge the Seasons...From Summer's Last Fertile Hurrah to Autumn's Chilly Beginnings by Annette O. Corona, Download

Recipes to Bridge the Seasons…From Summer’s Last Fertile Hurrah to Autumn’s Chilly Beginnings It is harvest time and here is the collection you have been waiting for…10 signature recipes available in PDF format so you can simply print it out and start cooking!  For the low introductory price of just $3.99 you too can pay culinary homage to the harvest cornucopia…it is a sneak peek of the type of recipes that will be included my next cookbook— a weekly seasonal meal planner, so you do not want to miss this! In this delightful eBook, you will receive recipes created and … Continue reading

‘Maters & Zucs—Tomatoes & Zucchini From the Garden Requires Little of Us!

‘Maters and Zucs…Tomatoes and Zucchini From the Garden Requires Little of Us, But Yields and Yields and Yields! Cooking from the garden is what I want to talk about. Yes, cooking from the garden is almost a novelty each summer. It really is a pure pleasure to taste and cook each vegetable in its time, and to fully enjoy the fresh flavor each vegetable presents. Vegetables are ripening fast and furiously. Tomatoes and summer squash are picked almost daily. Dinners become much simpler and really, who can improve upon a meal of sliced tomatoes and a good loaf of French … Continue reading

Tantalizing Garnet Jewels – It is Cherry Season!

Tantalizing Garnet Jewels—It is Cherry Season! With the advent of greenmarkets and a demand for more old-fashioned American specialties, the crisp, garnet cherry has regained its popularity. For years it had been hiding in cans under the name of cherries and those that were offered at produce stands were usually just the sturdy-hided Bings and if you were lucky, a couple of their allies. Well, finally, cherries are here, and it is a kaleidoscopic array, ranging from light to dark, tart or sweet, all just waiting to be made into heady rosy concoctions. Prime cherry time is now—June and July! … Continue reading

Turkey Wings, Fiddleheads, Mustard Greens and Ramps…oh my!

Turkey Wings, Fiddleheads, Mustard Greens and Ramps…oh my! Spring Favorites!  All recipes this time…enjoy and blessings on your plate! Click to Download: Down Home Roasted Turkey Wings Signature Offering by Annette O. Corona – All Rights Reserved Down Home Roasted Turkey Wings Makes 4 servings Many local farmers have started to rear turkeys and spring turkey, humanely raised, is now available at many farmers’ markets around the country. You will notice I use 2 seasoned cast iron frying pans which help to form a crust on the wings without the help of much oil and are indispensable pieces of cookware in … Continue reading

DANDELION GREENS—An Old-Time Vegetable Made New Fangled

DANDELION GREENS—An Old-Time Vegetable Made New Fangled “In all dells and pond holes in the woods, and pastures and swamps, grows a rich and various crop only unreaped by man.”   —Thoreau The infamous weed—yes, the leaves on those yellow flower-topped weeds that plague your lawn (for some, but not to me!), is brought back to life each Spring by sophisticated  consumers, restauranteurs and many who believe eating dandelion is a spring cleansing ritual or tonic.  Spring… Winter draws to an end and the first greenery and buds of spring shoot forth.  The produce of cultivated land is being planted and … Continue reading

Shad—The Harbinger of Spring!

SHAD—-The Harbinger of Spring Shad are wonderful and delicious fish that swim up East Coast Rivers every spring to spawn, as well as several western rivers, and then disappear into the ocean.  A relative of the herring, the American or White Shad is a fish of mixed blessings—due to bones.  Yes, the shad is one of the boniest fish in the world, and although richly flavored and packed with healthy omega-3 laden fat, the bones make eating shad quite a complicated business.  An old Native American saying goes like this…One day the porcupine fled into the Great Waters of the … Continue reading

March Makes Me Think of Maple Syrup!

March Makes Me Think of Maple Syrup! Sweet and delicious, maple syrup is prepared from using the sugary sap from the maple tree.  The preparation involves piercing or tapping to obtain this sap.  Maple trees accumulate starch in their roots and trunks especially in the period that precedes winter.  The long accumulation of starch makes it easy to convert from its original state to sugar.  By the end of February or the very beginning of March—during the early spring season, the sugar rises and mixes with water to form maple sap that is ready for harvesting or collection.  Since the … Continue reading

“Cream”—It Is Not A Dirty Word!

milk and cream, winter soups

“Cream—It is NOT a Dirty Word!” First…a few words about cows…and raw milk… There is a lot to be said about happy cows making better milk.  And the best indicator of whether they are happy is to look at their living conditions and their feed.  After all, animals that consume the foods that their bodies naturally evolve to process—whether it is grass or flowers—will thrive and experience fewer health problems than if they are fed grains that their bodies aren’t designed to digest.  So pasture time and more natural the feed, the happier the cows will be, and the better … Continue reading

Great “Go-Withs” — Cold-Weather Side Dishes

carrot recipes, parsnip recipes, vegetarian/vegan recipes, side dishes, accompaniments to main courses, cabbage recipes, garlic, baking hads of garlic

Great “Go-Withs” — Cold-Weather Side Dishes It is the dead of winter, and many a morning is a monotone landscape of overcast skies here in eastern Pennsylvania.  The natural inclination is to stay in bed all day, nice and toasty under the covers, unless, there is some wonderful food cooking in the kitchen!  This post is dedicated to side dishes—great “go-withs” to the season’s simmering stews, crackling roasts and mounds of carbohydrates that can be guiltlessly indulged in after invigorating days outdoors.  There is simply no need to be annoyed with the nuances of temperature outside, just whip-up these easy … Continue reading

A Delectable Slavic Winter Dish—Buckwheat Kasha & Mushroom Casserole

A Delectable Slavic Winter Dish…Buckwheat Kasha & Mushroom Casserole In most Slavic cuisines, any grain, cooked like porridge, is referred to as kasha.  Of all the cereal grains, buckwheat holds a foremost place in the diets of the Ukrainian people in particular.  In Ukraine, buckwheat kasha is a popular breakfast dish.  Buckwheat kasha is also substituted for potatoes and served in combination with fish or meat.  Other times, it is combined with egg noodles is a popular vegetarian main course.  Buckwheat kasha makes a lovely stuffing for meat or cabbage rolls, and is a nutritious accompaniment to clear meat and … Continue reading