It’s Asparagus Time!

Refueling Your Fork in Sync with the Seasons

It’s Asparagus time! Willowy asparagus spears become hard to resist on a daily basis, from the end of April, right through the month of June. Thin spears of green asparagus, called sprue, have been grown as a delicacy for over 2000 years! Wash asparagus spears carefully, especially around the tips, which can contain dirt and grit. Then bend each stem until it snaps—it will break at the part where it becomes woody and tough.  Personally, I like thicker spears—using a peeler, I shave down the stem from the middle to the broken end and simply steam in a shallow pan … Continue reading

Spring Vegetables and Side Dishes

Bunches of ruby chard at my local farmer's market

Spring Vegetables and Side Dishes The snow has turned to mud, and then the mud turns to humus. The air is heavy all around, expectant—pregnant with spring. We feel the sun’s warmth on our skin, we breathe in the fresh, clean air, and before we know it, the gray of winter recedes and bright shades of emerald green burst forth. New grass trembles under the wind’s flow. The days grow longer. Springtime invites us to connect with the land on which we live and eating locally is healthy for not only us but the environment too. We souls of Northern … Continue reading

Twist & Snout – For the Love of Pork! Recipe: Spareribs with Orange Stuffing

Ingredients for "Orange Bread Stuffing"

TWIST & SNOUT – For the Love of Pork!  RECIPE: Spareribs with Orange Stuffing From nose to belly to butt, if you ask people what food truly rocks their world, the answer is always pork.  Ahhhh, pork—the crack-cocaine of all meats! Especially good is pork that comes from pasture-raised piggies—and if you get acquainted with your local farmers, so much the better.  The best-eating pigs are those raised and left to thrive on a steady diet of goodness.  Pigs should spend 10 hours a day being pigs—outside exploring, rooting and generally creating chaos and naughtiness wherever they wander.  Did you … Continue reading

Good, Healthy Food Starts with Good, Healthy Ethics – Wintertime Salads

Easton Farmer's Market in Easton, Pennsylvania

GOOD, HEALTHY FOOD STARTS WITH GOOD, HEALTHY ETHICS Healthy food products are propagated by the conscientious farmer in collaboration with the land, fauna, and flora.  The farmer nurtures the land, keeps animals in a proper and safe way, and takes great care when cultivating plants and crops.  The reward is healthy and tasty food.  It seems so many have forgotten about nature’s values and the importance of health, and have exchanged it all for convenience and cheaper prices.  And at what a cost!  We have in this country animal and plant foods which, in worst cases, have never even come … Continue reading

Nutty Nutrition—A Tangle of Tastes

Beautiful hazelnuts. These were grown and picked by North Star Orchard right here in Pennsylvania!

Nutty Nutrition—A Tangle of Tastes Nuts are humankind’s earliest and most nutritious natural foods. Whether they are employed as the major ingredient or as an embellishment or garnish, nuts are an indispensable element in today’s cosmopolitan recipes, as well as to every creative, yet practical home cook. Nuts can give the contrasting texture, piquancy or flavor needed to impart an amazing quality to foods. Even in small quantities, they are marvelously flavorful and will give character to an entrée or side dish, and if toasted beforehand, the taste is even more pronounced or altered, and the texture crispier. By using … Continue reading

The Cranberry—More than Just a Pretty Face

Fresh cranberries, sweetened cranberry nectar, and dried, sweetened cranberries

The Cranberry—More than Just a Pretty Face Long before foreign settlers came to North America, indigenous people harvested wild red berries and cooked them with venison, maple syrup, and honey.  Early settlers and explorers called the tart fruits “crane berries”, perhaps because the blossoms of the plant sits on a slender stem resembling the neck of a crane. Another version of the story holds that the berries were named for that same swamp-dwelling bird, which ate them. Either way, the name eventually became the one we know today. The Harvest…Storage… Cranberries no longer grow wild. The crimson harvest is big … Continue reading

Autumn Apples — Sweet Seduction in Variety and Versatility

Beautiful, prize-winning apples at the Pennsylvania Farm Show 2014

Autumn Apples—Sweet Seduction in Variety & Versatility Apples just naturally provoke our senses to tingling anticipation of sweet seduction.  They brag different flavors – sweet and mellow, or tart; different colors – golden, red, green, striped or mottled; and apples possess different textures – juicy, crisp, hard or snappy.  Thus never boring, this fruit offers a kaleidoscope of eating excitement, and most times seasonings and accents need to be discreet or minimal to produce the best results.      Apples are found nearly everywhere in the world.  There are cooking varieties, eating apples, the majority carrying dual purpose.  No one description … Continue reading

Welcome Bethlehem Rose Garden Farmer’s Market!


At Home with Local Food — Bethlehem Rose Garden Farmer’s Market Local can mean picking an apple off the tree in your backyard, or plucking a tomato off the potted plant on your balcony.  But if you are interested in a way to instantly plunge into the world of fresh local food, visit your local farmer’s market.  It is the easiest way to purchase and eat food at the peak of its flavor and connect face-to-face with the farmers who grow it.  I live in southeastern Pennsylvania and our local harvest brings us life and vitality, a shared experience of … Continue reading

What’s the Scoop? Summertime & Homemade Ice Cream

Summer 2016 has arrived!

What’s the Scoop?  Summertime & Homemade Ice Cream There is nothing subtle about its seduction for summer has it all; lucent baby blue skies, honeysuckle breezes, enchanting cliff side seascapes, graceful old elms, and tantrum bursts of rain that then give way to hugging sunshine.  Summer is the season when Mother Earth beneath us is donning a dress of many colors, spreading forth in all her fruitfulness and glory.  It is a time to be aware and to appreciate the presence of life everywhere.  So, what’s the scoop? I’ll tell you, the scoop is that it is summer and it … Continue reading

An American Meal in Minutes

This country is all about regional menus!

An American Meal in Minutes      The cuisine that Americans have inherited is one of the most diverse in the world.  American cooking is complex—a product of many factors:  indigenous foods, native inventiveness, immigrant’s recipes, national pride and modern technology.  The only real constant has been change.  The beginnings…      The earliest settlers—in Plymouth, had to expand, or at times abandon, their Old World eating habits in order to survive.  They turned to Native Americans, the original American cooks, who taught them how to prepare native edibles like corn, squash, beans, turkey, crabs and lobsters, moose, cranberries, blueberries, maple syrup, … Continue reading

April’s Cold Shoulder—Coaxing the Most Out of Spring…with Green Onions and Asparagus!

Spring Favorites: Wild Ramps with roots attached, spring onions, fiddlehead ferns, spinach, red radishes

April’s Cold Shoulder—Coaxing the Most Out of Spring with Green Onions and Asparagus! In the beginning, skies are grey.  The trees are still naked.  The snow melts, and then the frozen ground gives way to mud.  Hints of balmy air occasionally drifts by reminding us of the warmth soon to follow, but all too often first days in April are cool and rainy.  And just how many of us have witnessed hosts of daffodils blanketed under a new fallen spring snow?  The weather stubbornly clings to winter, but spring fever rules, bubbling up in most people around the Ides of … Continue reading

A Ukrainian Easter For All!

Ukrainian Paska Bread--- is a work of art baked especially for the blessing of foods at church on Easter morning. Much richer than ordinary bread, it is flavored with plenty of eggs and rich melted butter.

A Ukrainian Easter For All! The traditions that originated in pre-Christian times in Ukraine echoed the religious dogma, social structure, and agrarian way of life of its people.      So often helpless in the face of nature’s power, “pre-Christian” religion evolved into various cults that worshipped natural phenomena such as the sun, moon, stars, fire, wind, and water.  There were also animal cults and cults of trees and magical herbs.  By the means of ritual dances, incantations, and special offerings, the ancient people thought they could appease and please nature. The most important season of the year in an agrarian … Continue reading